Your Giving, Volunteering and Support Make a Difference Sunday, Jan 22 2012 

Posted by Doyle Bailey for The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN)

Recently. officers of APHN and board members met with the architect and contractor to do a walk-through of the Yucca House at Melrose Plantation. A major project is nearing its completed state. It included restoration of the structure, which was sinking, and to repair and paint surfaces that needed attention. What would happen to these enchanting and historic structures without your help? They would sink into the ground and disappear. Thanks to you and your preservation efforts, this will not happen.

Somehow I think Miss Cammie, Lyle Saxon, Francois Mignon, Clementine Hunter,  Marie Terese “Coin-Coin” and the Metoyer family would thank you as well.


Pictured below is Arleen Mayeaux, First Vice President of APHN.


Yucca House, Melrose Plantation

Below center, Adam Foreman, (arms crossed) Executive Director of APHN.



A NEW cooler DATE! APRIL 21- 22, 2021 Thursday, Jan 19 2012 

ImagePosted by Doyle Bailey for The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN)




at 318.581.8042

WHO Melrose Plantation

WHERE 3533 Hwy 119, Melrose LA

WHAT Melrose Arts and Crafts Festival

WHEN Saturday and Sunday April 21-22 8am-4pm



 DATE! APRIL 21- 22, 2021

The famous annual Melrose Plantation Arts and Crafts Festival will be hosted on the grounds on Saturday April 21 and Sunday April 22 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Hundreds of vendors from around the state will exhibit and sell their original work.

Admission to the festival is $5.00 per person and your arm band gets you in all day! Raffle tickets will be sold to win items donated by the vendors. In addition to the arts & crafts, food and desert vendors will be on hand to satisfy your hungry side! Come enjoy the day with your family and friends while supporting local artist, craftsmen and the beautiful Melrose Plantation

Melrose Plantation is located just 14 miles south of Natchitoches at 3533 Hwy 119, Melrose LA.

Tours of this historic plantation home will be given throughout the weekend for an additional cost. Unwind with a weekend in the Melrose gardens at the Arts and Crafts Festival! All funds raised will be used for the continued preservation and maintenance of Melrose Plantation.


Do You Need to Destroy the Old to Build the New? Tuesday, Jan 17 2012 

Posted by Doyle Bailey for The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN)

Building the New Does Not Have to Destroy the Old. Mike Vance makes this point succinctly in his editorial of Sunday, January 15, 2012 in the Houston Chronicle. Vance reports that it is frequently said in his city “Houston has no history. We tear it all down.”

Fortunately, this is not the case. He cites the following examples:

  • a 1930 vintage White Castle, the city’s oldest known fast-food restaurant, was given a landmark designation.
  • 40 years ago an entire industrial planned community, containing hundreds of structures, was turned into a historic district.
  • in 2011, that district, The Pullman, was named one of the 10 Great Neighborhoods by the American Planning Association.
Good for you Houston. Keep up the good work of preservation.
In Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, there are also enough people who have realized through the years that building the new did not mean destroying the old. They saw the value of both. May their tribe increase!
The Historic District in the City of Natchitoches, oldest permanent settlement in the Louisisna Purchase Territory (even older than New Orleans), and the Historic District in the Parish are evidence that preservation is regarded as vital.
What does having a Preservationist mind-set involve?
  • be willing to pay the price for preserving something precious for all to enjoy now and protecting the patrimony of future generations
  • support ordinances and legislation that preserve sites, including the endangered Cane River Lake. Exposed duct work and replica signage are a far cry from centuries-old brick work and patenated cypress.
  • know that property values are enhanced with preservation projects. 

In summary, when 80 year old houses are converted into law offices that preserve the integrity of the structure, you find what I call a “good lawyer”. Imagine! When an old gas station is converted into a restaurant that is in the character of a historic district, it is a “good restaurant”.

For the residents of Houston and Natchitoches I will say: Lets build on our successes, learn from our failures, build the new and beautiful, preserve the old and remember the stories that go with places that have been here a while.

The African House, Melrose Plantation

New Shops and Condos on Front Street, Natchitoches in site of old Nakatosh Hotel

The City of Natchitoches will celebrate the Tri-Centennial Year of its founding in 2014. Watch for special events on this blog site.

APHN Announces New Dates for 2012 Arts and Crafts Festival at Melrose Plantation Saturday, Jan 14 2012 

Posted by Doyle Bailey for The Association for the Preservation of  Historic Natchitoches (APHN)

The 2012 Arts and Crafts Festival, sponsored by The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches, promises to be the “coolest” and best-attended Festival at Melrose in years. The new dates are April 21 and 22, 2012 (Saturday and Sunday).

The Davidsons (Vanda and Sue) encourage prospective vendors to register online beginning January 15, 2012. {Click here}to go to the registration application.

The Davidsons invite you to experience a remarkable Arts and Crafts Festival in an  enchanting setting under the oaks of a French Creole Plantation (Melrose) at a beautiful season of the year. If you are not a vendor, come and bring your family. There will be items of interest for all ages and a large variety of good food and refreshing drinks. FUN FOR ALL.


Both guests and vendors can take advantage of their visit to Melrose Plantation to take a tour of its historic buildings. (Pictured below is the newly restored Yucca House at Melrose).