Every Day Is An Opportunity For A New Discovery At Melrose Wednesday, Mar 21 2012 

Posted by Doyle Bailey for The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN)

Guest Blogger, Adam Foreman, Executive Director, APHN

New Discoveries in the Collection at Melrose

Recently there have been several new discoveries centering on the Clementine Hunter Collection at Melrose. It all began with the stove in the Clementine Hunter house located on the Melrose Property. I do not know when the home was moved to the Melrose property however according to Tommy Whitehead, Clementine Hunter moved from the home in 1977.

For the last 35 years, items have remained in the stove undiscovered and unexplored. When I discovered these items in late February I quickly contacted Dustin Fuqua with the National Park Service to assist me with an assessment, inventory, and documentation of these [no longer hidden pieces of our collection.

What we found was truly amazing. We found items dated between 1972 and 1977. Two of the neatest items were an Avon product box and a St. Augustine Church raffle ticket from October 7& 8 1972. Several other paper documents including a receipt from Roques auto garage, newspaper sections, a Natchitoches Parish water bill, and even an empty pack of Pall Mall cigarettes (According to Tommy Whitehead, Clementine did not smoke but her daughter did.)

Also were various bone fragments possibly from beef and pork ribs and chicken bone fragments. We also found carbonized wood and a large amount of construction nails.
The second big discovery is more of a “re-discovery”. While inspecting broken glass doors in the Melrose Library I uncovered a large blue binder with a full inventory of items received by APHN from the Hunter family after her death. Once this re-discovery was fully realized, I began attempting to identify and find the items listed. One such item was an “artist box”. When I found this box and opened it- I was amazed to see Clementine’s paints and brushes still inside. With the help of supplies from Dustin and the National Park Service, I was able to identify and inventory the contents of the Artist box.

Every day is an opportunity for a new discovery at Melrose. The large blue binder has nearly 300 sheets of paper, so this project has just begun.


Adam Foreman
Executive Director, APHN

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Jazz Brunch, Silent Auction at Melrose Plantation. Get a Table for Your Group Tuesday, Mar 20 2012 

Posted by Doyle Bailey for The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN)


Make your reservations today for a table for your Company, Family, friends group or Sunday School Class. Couples and individuals are invited. Surprise someone special with a special gift.This is an event no one will want to miss.

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Who Pays the Price for Lost or Misplaced Documents? + Monday, Mar 12 2012 

ImagePosted by Doyle Bailey for

The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN)

Life can get busy and it can be difficult to stay on top of daily tasks like organizing files, documents, diaries, keepsakes and other important documents. This has always been the case. The Dead Sea Scrolls went undiscovered for many generations. An important letter written by Abraham Lincoln is discovered in someone’s attic. Consider what would be lost if these treasures were not discovered by archaeologists, historians, researchers and preservationists.

On the contrary, when priceless historic documents are lost or misplaced, we all pay. Most of all our children and future generations are deprived of a part of their heritage.

Let’s not forget oral history. Do not let your parents and grandparents “misplace” special oral “documents of their memories”. Get a recorder and ask them lots of questions. Interview them. Make sure the recordings are shared and in a safe place.  A grandparent who dies and take with him or her the memories of a life time, is like a library that burns to the ground. We all are poorer and pay the price of what has been lost.  

New Hours At Melrose Give You More FlexibilityTo Plan Your Fun Excursion Friday, Mar 2 2012 

Posted by Doyle Bailey for The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN)

Melrose Plantation

New Hours of Operation Starting March 1, 2012

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Monday: Closed

 Tours of the Historic House begin at the Melrose Bindery Every 15 minutes Past the Hour (First Tour: 10:15, Last Tour begins at 4:15).

 Gift Shop closes at 5pm.

Gift Shop/ Bindery

Admission Prices:


 Adults (18-64) $10.00

*Students (6-17 or with University ID) $5.00

GROUNDS ONLY TOUR (does not include house tour)

 Adults $5.00

*Students $ 3.00

 GROUPS OF 15 OR MORE (by reservation)

 Adult Group: $10.00

Tour Operator: $8.00

*Student Group: $5.00

*(Now includes University students)

For more information regarding year-round tours please call: 318-379-0055.
(Bus tours by reservation only)

Plan a Tour of the Melrose Historic Home and Out-Buildings of the Metoyer “Gens de Colour Libre”.
Miss Cammie Henry’s collection of hand woven pieces.
the Clementine Hunter Murals in the African House.
the lovely Gardens
‘Take photos at the almost 400 year old Live Oak Tree. 
‘Shop in the Book Store Bindery for books and gift items.