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The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches

Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches offers two great Clementine Hunter books for one low price. Visit Melrose Plantation for a wonderful tour of where Clementine lived and worked, see her magnificent mural and get your books at the Bindery (Gift Shop). If you cannot make it to Melrose, go to the APHN website and purchas the books. {click here}

Special Offer #1: a two book package for one Low Sale Price.

Clementine Hunter:Her Life and Art
By Art Shiver and Tom Whitehead
Louisiana State University Press, 2012
She painted and painted and painted: for fifty years she painted. She produced “between five and ten thousand” works of art. On snuff bottles, window shades, plywood, canvas and a multitude of objects found on the plantation. Hunter tells her own story and the story of her people in her paintings. The descendent of an enslaved family, she came from field hand in the cotton rows to cook for the plantation Big House to internationally known Folk Artist.
Shiver and Whitehead’s book is. itself, a well researched and lively story of not only the Artist, but of those who encouraged her, such as Lyle Saxon and Francois Mignon. It includes facinating data of forgeries and FBI involvment. Both authors knew Clementine.Whitehead visited her regularly for many years. Book includes paintings and photographs. Read and become Clementine’s friend

Clementine Hunter: The African House Murals
by Art Shiver and Tom Whitehead
Copyright 2005 The Association of the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches 
Published by NSU Press Publications
Hardcover Edition

The story in words and pictures about “the most colorful room in the south”.  One of the modern treasures of the American art scene was painted in the middle of the last century on nine plywood panels and installed on the dusty second floor of a unique structure at rural Melrose Plantation in northwest Louisiana.. Through journals and correspondence, we (the authors) are able today to put together the events that tell the story of the creation of Clementine Hunter’s African House Murals. (excerpt from inside cover)