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The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches

It is delightful to be with happy people in a happy place.

Get together with:

  • your Sunday School Class or church group
  • your girl friend’s group
  • your family
  • your school group
  • your friends

Schedule a tour of Melrose Plantation, Natchitoches, Louisiana

Even if there is one “ole grouch” in your group, chances are he or she will have a change of attitude before your educational and enchanting tour of the French Creole Plantation concludes.

Enjoy refreshments in the Plantation Gift Shop while you browse for gifts or mementos of your visit.

Marvel at the impressive collection of works by the Louisiana artist Clementine Hunter, including the impressive mural depicting plantation li                       

Clementine Hunter, lived and painted at Melrose

Clementine Hunter, lived and painted at Melrose