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The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN)

Natchitoches, Louisiana

“Carrie Campbell Butler Remembered” was written as a tribute to a rather remarkable lady. The dedication of the book clarifies that it was written:

“For my mother, Annie Laurie, who loved her Grandmother and collected this material as a tribute. Thank you for passing down the love for fun. I love you.  (from) another Carrie in another time”.

Carrie Campbell married W.B. Butler on July 21, 1887. Speaking of her husband Captain Butler, she called him “Captain Butler” until she died. (Marriage Records, Natchitoches Parish).

A devout Catholic, Carrie Campbell Butler went to daily Mass.

“She didn’t just go to church, she sorta took it around with her”.

She lived out on Red River (Valverda) all of her married life. Here, no one had likely heard of a Catholic. Captain Butler was a Methodist.  It would appear that any one who knew her would soon come to know what a real Catholic looked like and how they lived.

Captain Butler spent more than fifty years married to his wife. He writes about their relationship:

“We had many trials and deprivations, but not once did either regret our wedding…A few years after celebrating our Golden Wedding my dear wife left me to go to her reward. Life is now lonely for me and I await the call”.

What a beautiful story; a love story, and a  story of lives well lived.

Carrie Campbell Butler