If you moved around in the Historic District of Natchitoches during September 26-30, 2011, you would have seen precious pilgrims walking with teachers, parents and members of APHN. They were third graders from Weaver, L. P. Vaughn, Goldonna, Cloutierville, Fairview Alpha, NSU Lab, Oasis/Home School, St. Mary’s, Parks, Marthaville, and Provencal.

Group Approaching the Roque House

Group Arriving at the Lemee House, APHN Headquarters

Adam Foreman, Executive Director APHN, walks with children

Sarah, Cody, and Brooke, docents at the Old Courthouse

                  Sarah, Cody and Brooke Served as Docents at the Old Courthouse

Games from the 18 th. Century included trying to walk on stilts

Trolley Ride from Roque House to Lemee House a Favorite

Callicote Belle with children. "Clementine Hunter" center with hat

              Callicote Belle with Children. “Clementine Hunter” center with hat.

A special word of thanks:

  • to the schools who brought their third graders to participate
  • to the teachers and parents who walked with the children to each site
  • to the docents who taught the children at each site
  • to the Callicote Belles who kept things going smoothly
  • to APHN volunteers who gave of their time
  • to Natchitoches businesses who made contributions to the Children’s Tour
You could not be a part of the Children’s Historic Tour of Natchitoches, or even observe it, without being aware of the fact that something special was going on here. I hope you did not miss it.

Posted by Doyle Bailey for The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN)