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The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN)

Kudos and a heart-felt salute to the Women’s Resource Center of Natchitoches and Becky Stewart, Executive Director. You guys are everything a community-based, non-profit organization should be and are a credit to the Natchitoches Community. You do your job well, do it on a sustained basis and make our community a more hope-filled place to live. Becky, you and your staff are totally awesome. No one does it better. I am convinced my fellow Board Members of APHN and the organizations’s membership join me in wishing you continued success and God’s  richest blessings. May the GALA for this year be the best ever!

Becky Stewart

The  Women’s Resource Center of Natchitoches:

  • offers hope for young women who have no idea to whom they might turn
  • provides possibilities for a brighter future
  • presents alternatives, without pressuring, when a young woman might feel she has no choice but a bad one
  • preserves precious values that are cherished by the people of the Natchitoches  community without judging, pressuring or  profiting


Each year on the fourth Thursday in Sept, we host the “Celebration of Life” gala. This is the major fundraising event for the Center. Held at the Natchitoches Events Center,the program is always informative and uplifting and includes a well-known keynote speaker. Following the program, a delicious buffet dinner is served catered by the famousLasyone’s Restaurant. The attendance usually exceeds 600 guests.
The purpose of the gala is to bring awareness to the work and services offered by theWRC and to bring new friends and partners to the ministry.

All of the costs of the gala are underwritten by our sponsors. Any one is invited to become a sponsor which may be corporate, individual, churches, organizations,businesses, etc. Sponsors are listed in all publicity and signage and include other privileges. This allows the WRC to keep the cost of tickets to a minimum.
It is a wonderful evening with great friends, wonderful food, music, and the assurance that one has helped in touching the lives of women in our communities by supporting theWRC.

Tickets are $25.00 and will be available for purchase online in July.

(From the WRC Website)